Call for Art – Perseverance with Dignity

Call for Art:
Perseverance with Dignity: Impressions of Homelessness and Hunger
Exhibition:  November 10 – December 2
H&H Artist Entry Form

 The Oxford Community Art Center (OCAC) is seeking submissions forPerseverance with Dignity: Impressions of Homelessness and Hunger" from local and regional artists. All entry forms must be submitted no later than October 17, 2017.

Each year the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness sponsor Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week during November. This week is an awareness tool designed to educate the public, draw attention to the problem of poverty, and build the base of volunteers and supporters for local anti-poverty agencies.

OCAC, Oxford Empty Bowls, Miami University’s Office of Community Engagement and Service, and the Oxford Community Choice Pantry will participate in a week-long series of events designed to raise awareness and generate support and action on behalf of those who are hungry or homeless in our community.

The Oxford Community Arts Center invites artists to exhibit works that, through visual response and reflection, give hunger and homelessness an identity beyond the statistics, embracing the hungry and homeless not as faceless numbers but as members of our community who we know and care about.  By turning compassion into artistic action, we hope to raise consciousness of humanity’s shared purpose.  We envision an exhibition to activate reflection, questioning, understanding and even action by highlighting the various interpretations of being hungry and/or homeless.

All media will be considered. Pieces exhibiting diverse concepts, materials or mediums, and creativity will take precedence.  Every effort will be made to exhibit all entries; however, space limitations may be an issue.

No entry fee is required.  The exhibition committee reserves the right to reject artwork that is inappropriate for our audience and/or this exhibition.

Artwork specifications:

  • When delivered each piece needs to have a label with the name of the piece, the artist’s name, description/medium and price. Each piece should be ready to hang on the hooks provided (please attach hanging wires high enough on your piece, so they do not tilt outwards from the wall)
  • The value of the work and sale price, if any must be included on the label.
  • Your work will be insured while on the premises, but not while in transit to, or from.
  • Pieces need not be for sale, but if they are OCAC requires 20% commission. The full commission will be donated to the Oxford Choice Pantry.