Oxford Visual Arts Connection – Calendar Artists

The 2018 Oxford Visual Arts Connection Calendar will debut at Second Friday on September 8th.  This exhibit features the artists whose work in included.

Debra Bowles:  ArtistryFarm.com  creates unique combinations of organic art and nature while celebrating seven generations of creative farm women who have brought her to this place in life.  After formal art training and years of “mediums and messes,” art on the farm is still Debra’s connection to life.
Using nature's tools and resources from the farm to create: Grandmother’s goat milk soaps, local-beeswax candles, sun-dried wax ink paintings, farm-fresh block prints and calligraphic clay, Debra’s art exudes delight in the present and hope for the future.

Stephanie Beckner is a natural light photographer. She resides just outside of Oxford where she runs her photography business (Stephanie Nichole Photography) and along with her husband and family run their farm (Jericho Run Farms). You can find her photos on Instagram @stephanienichole_photogarphy or @jerichorunfarms and Facebook @stephanienicholephotography and @jerichorunfarms. 1-513-615-3298

Victoria Buller:  As music is my first love I wanted to create a visual depiction of how the song writing process reveals itself to me. I've transformed a guitar using hand decorated sheet music with titles that speak subtly to the process of song writing. I've included some lyrics that I have written that are among my personal favorite.

Carol (Dandelion) Burke was born in Albany, California.  She studied art at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, and at the Art Institute in San Miguel de Allende.  Carol received her BFA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and has lived in Oxford, Ohio since 1999.  Carol does oil painting and photography trending towards abstract and color expression.  You can find her work on Flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/dandelion-tree/.  Carol has three grown-up children who live in New York, California and Pennsylvania.  She is married to Marshall Burke.

Lee Baker Devore:  “I find my place, feel the most alive when I connect to elemental nature with all my senses. So it follows that I delight to collect its treasures, play in the mud, and incorporate not just images but found objects and pigments of the earth into my work. This work. This playfulness. This hard working play call ART.”  Lee lives and creates in Oxford, OH.

Web page: www.leebakerdevore.com or Facebook page “The Elfin Peddler https://www.facebook.com/CreativeWorksByLee/

Mary Glasmeier:  Making art must be in my genes. I can’t remember NOT making art. I earned my degree in sculptural work but also have a passion for drawing and painting.  These pieces are from a 6-piece series entitled, “On Being a Woman.”  The Madonna-like vessel represents the strength, sensuality, and human-ness of women. The entire series is coil-built clay with custom glazes, and five of them are mixed media to complete their stories. For more info contact Elephant’s Embryo Art Studio at Mary.GlasmeierEle@gmail.com or (513) 253-2025.

 Norm Krumpe lives and works in Oxford, teaching computer science classes by day, roasting coffee by night, and taking photos when he can.  Look for him at sunset, lying in the grass at Oxford Community Park, taking photos of dandelions.

Joe Prescher came to Oxford 6 years ago after 10 years of teaching in Iowa and Texas.  Since arriving, he has worked as a mural and sign painter, done commission work in sculpture, freelance illustration and graphics. He is also an artisan at the Oxford Farmer’s Market.  He has also become involved in community building through teaching and work involving Art and Arts outreach in the Oxford area.  His mediums include painting, drawing, digital work, graphics, mural and sign work, sculpture including stone and wood carving, and craft work.

Joe is available for commission work, workshops and teaching, art consultation.

Contact him at: 319-671-2686  or redprescher@gmail.com.

Virgil Seger with his wife Paula and family have lived in Oxford since 1985.  In 2011, I retired from teaching math at Edgewood HS, started making time to shoot photos and to pursue travel and theatre interests. I love to learn and explore, shoot the beauty I see, share my work, and inspire.
You can browse my gallery and make purchases at vseger.deviantart.com or browse my photos at yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/651401 or contact me directly at vseger@msn.com.

Fred Shaw retired as the senior pastor of the Oxford United Methodist Church in 2010.  He and Nancy chose to remain in Oxford as their “forever” home.  Fred continues to work as a storyteller, historical actor and lecturer, scriptwriter, voiceover artist, author, and photographer.  Their son, Ross, and he share lively and authentic first-person historical stories through SUMAC (Stories Uniting Minds and Cultures) Enterprises.  Their programs are detailed at www.sumac-enterprises.net.  Fred also directs a national school for American Indian Untied Methodist pastors who maintain their cultural heritages.  Nancy and he have a son, a daughter, and four grandchildren.  You can meet their daughter, Anne, at Graeter’s up town where she is the Manager.

Masha Stepanova is an artist, a librarian, and an artisan at the Oxford Farmer’s Market. Having received her formal training in painting, she became interested in fiber arts, which has become her primary medium. She has done fabric and fiber collages, embroidery, temari, as well as processing fiber (dying and spinning). She enjoys many crafts, as well, from book binding to basket weaving.  Masha has lived in Oxford for 11 years and very much appreciates its unique and warm arts community and its complexity. Her job as the Slavic Librarian has also allowed her to pursue her interest in Russian art history of 1920s.

You can reach Masha by email: N6999.S74@gmail.com

Cathleen Suffridge:  I was raised most of my life in the Butler County area.  I enjoy being outdoors, most of it with a camera in my hand.  My mom gave use of her 110 camera at the 1982 World’s Fair and ever since I enjoy the art of photography.  Most of the time, I take pictures of wildlife and scenery and old buildings.  I’m working up to doing family pictures and many more still learning.