Perseverance with Dignity: Impressions of Homelessness and Hunger

Exhibition Dates: November 10 through December 2
Opening Reception: November 10 at 6 pm

As part of  Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week and Oxford's Empty Bowls program OCAC is proud to present this exciting exhibit featuring works that, through visual response and reflection, give hunger and homelessness an identity beyond the statistics, embracing the hungry and homeless not as faceless numbers but as members of our community who we know and care about.  By turning compassion into artistic action, we hope to raise consciousness of humanity’s shared purpose.  Our goal is to activate reflection, questioning, understanding and even action by highlighting the various interpretations of being hungry and/or homeless.

Chris Brown
Victoria Butler
Alan de Courcy
Lee Baker DeVore
Howard Krauss
Tiffany Pacileo
Virgil Seger
Leslye Simak
Jean Vance
Marta Wendt
Rebecca Davies
The Parkview Arms Kids with assistance from Leslye Simak